Residential Income Investments

The Belter Group

The Belter Group has been a part of numerous residential and residential income transactions for not only our own asset collections but as brokers who are exceptionally experienced in helping guide our clients through the ins and outs of evaluating potential investment properties, helping guide them in maximizing their returns on current investment properties, and helping prepare their investments for sale and/or exchange. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss why and how real estate would be a wonderful addition to your investment portfolio.



Commercial and Industrial Investments

The Belter Group

The Belter Group has a wealth of knowledge in this asset class starting with Gary developing and owning industrial buildings decades ago to more recently helping our clients both sell and buy across both industrial and commercial asset classes. Let us help you decide what is best for your business or investment portfolio! 


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Great start to any portfolio and most liquid asset in real estate! Whether you are just getting started or love the benefits of a single family portfolio we are happy to guide you through making your investment dollars work for you!

Across these asset classes let us help you acquire whats best for your business or as an addition to your retirement planning. We have the experience necessary to help you understand the asset classes and exchange in or out of them as smoothly as possible.

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Our team brings together two generations of expertise to offer concierge-style real estate services from Bakersfield to the Central Coast and beyond. We're here to guide you through every step of your real estate journey. Contact us today!

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